Your statistics are done by our highly trained and qualified statisticians from all around the world.
Our Biostatisticians and Analysts have varied academic and medical backgrounds and frequently attend rigorous training sessions in order to constantly improve their analytical skills while staying informed on the latest developments in the clinical field. California Academics delivers expert statistical analysis services and interpretation that can be incorporated in various niches of Medical and Healthcare. For the same reason, we work alongside some of the best biostatisticians from all around the world who have a proficiency in high-demand statistical tools like SPSS, R, and SAS. We have highly qualified personnel trained from reputed international universities who are experienced in supporting clients with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct complex statistical/biostatistical analyses and research projects. They work alongside our team of doctors to provide you with the accurate and expected results of your study- leaving no space for errors and misinterpretation of the results. Furthermore, this fully-fledged team also specializes in framing the questionnaire, designing experiments, and data collection. So, this team is ever ready to work on the numbers from the beginning to the end.

Questionnaire framing and Data collection support:
Our experts at California Academics believe that the quality of the data is one of the most critical factors in the success of any project. Especially in the field of medicine- data is an essential element as medical data is very sensitive. So when data collection is done for research purposes in order to understand the full picture of an area of interest and to build a foundation for decision-making, it is extremely important that the right collection process is followed. And no one can understand this better than California Academics; for the same reason, our experts are heavily involved in every step of the process, from calculating the sample size and framing of the questionnaires to filtering and cleaning the relevant data.

In our process, we eliminate duplicate and redundant/obsolete information from your database so that we can add only relevant information. Several automated tools have been developed to scrape large quantities of data from any website. Our fast and flexible data collection solutions have a faster turnaround to save the client’s time so that the research and publication are not delayed.

As part of our research processes, we use a variety of methods, including conventional mail surveys, on-site paper surveys, in-depth interviews, and online surveys built with tools such as SurveyMonkey, Zoho Survey, Google Forms, etc for primary data collection and make use of the data with journals and our clinical database for secondary data collection. In the past, our data collection services have been used by different verticals such as healthcare providers, clinical trial businesses, private and public hospitals, and more.

Providing end-to-end statistical support
Statisticians are expertise in working with qualitative research as well as quantitative research. The support provided to you in handling AMOS, Regression, PLS, Bayesian methods, causal inference, hierarchical models, survival analysis, longitudinal data analysis, missing data analysis, receiver operating characteristics (ROC) curve analysis, stochastic modeling, and statistical analysis computing, and statistical genetics. A statistical analysis plan includes the calculation of sample size, design mock-up tables, and figures. In addition to that, our firm performs statistical programs to validate tables and figures for clients through independent analysis of programming code. Our team then prepares the statistical report according to the client’s request. The team includes experts in research methodology and study design and subject matter experts, and copy editors. The expertise of our research experts includes sound statistical knowledge and experience in interpreting statistical reports.

Our clinical trials experts from San Diego, California, have worked with researchers.

We go far and beyond to make sure that the data’s interpretation is as accurate as it gets.
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