A review article that is also known as a research article is a survey of previously published research on a specific topic. All research articles must give a complete overview of the current thinking on the subject, and, unlike an original research article, this may or may not present new experimental outcomes.

The main aim of a literature review is to present a critical evaluation of the available data from existing studies and analysis. Review articles are capable of identifying any potential research area while exploring next, all the while when they are also capable of drawing new conclusions or inferences from the existing available data.

Whether it is your first research article or your hundredth, students and professionals alike often find some of the steps intimidating, but once we break down this humongous process into simple steps, we can achieve a more seamless and effective research and review process. California Academics is here to make your journey towards excellence smoother by working with you step-by-step in the process so that you can enjoy

How does California Academics help you in writing a research article?

Choosing a theme:
Choosing your theme or theme gives you more opportunities to be creative and original. Also, keep in mind that selecting a good topic for your research paper is not easy. Not all topics are suitable for research, and new researchers may have a difficult time deciding on a topic. A topic must have multiple qualities to qualify for research. Choosing a good topic is a great discussion and should be understood well before looking for it. A well-defined practical topic by the student is better than a broad and emotional topic. Our professional researchers will aid you in doing it smoothly.

Gathering all the relevant information for your research:
This step requires most of your practical work, and you can use primary and secondary sources to collect data. You can read many books, magazines, and newspapers to collect data on your topic. He can also go further and do surveys, observe real-life situations or do some experiments. You can go out and ask questions of people who are familiar with your topic. But you might not have as many connections and experience as our professional team. We will help you with seeking access to the premium research journal articles as well.

Evaluating the materials:
After you have collected your data, you should critically evaluate it in light of the work of previous authors and their findings. This analysis of the data makes it personal to you, but that does not mean that you are investing a personal bias in your research. You need to evaluate it without personal biases and prejudices. Remember, this research is your job, but in no way should it reflect your personality, thinking, or judgment. You just need to show the knowledge you have gained by studying and then analyzing multiple sources. As you can understand, it is very taxing to think critically and keep your own biases under control; our team will review your data in great detail and let you know the feedback with great honesty.

Organizing Your Ideas:
Once you have finished collecting and analyzing your data, you are in a position to organize your work so that you are ready to write it. Being a healthcare practitioner or a student, it isn’t easy to understand how to organize data for a published paper. If you are looking to publish a quality research paper without taking a day off at your healthcare center, then we are here for you.

Research writing:
Final writing is the final step of the research paper. Now you need to start writing your research paper. Our expert content writers will write an introduction and then a few reviews, followed by the method you used to conduct this research, and finally, the data collection and interpretation. If you want your research paper to reach your community, our academic translation services will assist you in this noble task. Further, we will also add a conclusion at the end. We will also add the abstract or summary of your research at the beginning of your research article. We will complete it by including all published or unpublished sources and by acknowledging all the people who helped you complete your research, such as your supervisor and other experts in your field. We will help you to publish research papers online and also aid you in getting in touch with research paper publication sites. Your articles will be published in international and reputed journals. Not only thesis writing, but we also help you print and bind research articles and form an appealing presentation.

How does California Academics help you to write a literature review?
Look for relevant information and knowledge: List everything related to your research topic. For example, if your research question is, “What is the effect of social media on depression?” You can include certain keywords like “Facebook” and “Instagram” to get more results. Since the Internet is packed with information and not all of them is relevant, you must learn to conduct an efficient search. We will be able to assist you with this time-consuming work through the use of our advanced and paid tools. This means your healthcare practice or other types of studies are not interfered with in any way.

Evaluate your sources and choose the most relevant ones:
Since you won’t have time to read all the articles you come across, it is up to you to assess which sources are most relevant to your research question. First, look at the most credible source and read the key theories and historical studies. It is a very significant step as it is the basis of your research paper publication. Hence, you cannot afford to ruin this step at all. It is what conveys the vast reading that you have done and the knowledge that you possess. We ensure that your sources of knowledge are verified by our expert researchers efficiently.

Identify key research issues, debates, and gaps:
Now that you’ve compiled your sources, it’s time to organize them. You can do this by first identifying all the underlying problems. These can take the following forms such as themes, patterns or trends, conflict, contradiction or debate, innovative publications, and research gaps. Our essay writing services have content writers with years of experience who can do so easily without any hassle.

Prepare your outline:
For academic papers, it is always best to formulate the outline before writing. This will help you organize your thoughts and all your perceptions into a coherent whole. An outline should include an introduction, the primary part, and a conclusion. During the preparation of the outline, our impeccable academic editing will guarantee accuracy.

Write the content of your literature research:
We will first add an introduction that will include the purpose of your literature research. In the main part of the work, we can begin by explaining the points included in your outline. Use subheadings to clarify paragraphs.

Hence, this is how California Academics will be by your side on your every step of writing a research article and literature review. When you choose us, we will offer you cost-effective services that are 100% plagiarism-free, and we will maintain confidentiality after you end our service.
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