With our extensive range of academic writing services, we assist beneficiaries from all around the world.

We provide academic services solely dedicated to the healthcare community. We are assisting both professionals and students with their academic writing pieces and supporting them in their publication and promotion goals.  At California Academics, we strive to make academic life stress-free and successful for the bright, talented, diligent, and hard-working professionals in healthcare.

Thesis writing

A thesis is simply a statement, argument, proposal, theory, or even a proposition that is put forward as a premise or hypothesis to be proved or maintained. It is responsible for elaborating the stand someone takes on any issue and how the person intends to justify the stand.

Research/ Review article writing

A review article that is also known as a research article is a survey of previously published research on a specific topic. All research articles must give a complete overview of the current thinking on the subject, and, unlike an original research article, this may or may not present new experimental outcomes. 

Support in Article Publication

Any research done is generally written formally in a specific format and then published for the world to see. This process could seem tedious and frustrating. That is where we come in; we at California Academics do all these tedious tasks for you to allow you an opportunity to present your research journal articles to the world without any hassle. 

Data collection and Analysis

Our Biostatisticians and Analysts have varied academic and medical backgrounds and frequently attend rigorous training sessions in order to constantly improve their analytical skills while staying informed on the latest developments in the clinical field. California Academics delivers expert statistical analysis services and interpretation that can be incorporated in various niches of Medical and Healthcare. For the same reason, we work alongside some of the best biostatisticians from all around the world who have a proficiency in high-demand statistical tools like SPSS, R, and SAS

Plagiarism check, Printing and more

Plagiarism is a type of scholastic unscrupulousness. Regardless of whether you’re a student presenting a paper to a class or a healthcare professional submitting to a journal, it’s normal that the work you submit is your own. On the off chance that you express a thought without referencing the source or gluing an entry of text without appropriately citing it, you’re assuming praise for another person’s work.
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